Friday, April 24, 2015

Marsala Quilt

Here is my quilt for the Marsala Quilt Challenge!  I must admit that I like this color better after using it.  Not sure I will be using it again.... but I like it better.   I was not a fan at first.  I like Marsala in home decor (it's almost the exact color of my kitchen) but I was not sure how I was going to get it into a quilt.

Anyways, this came about because I saw some lovely embroidery and wondered what it would look like translated into a quilt.  I came up with this design and after  a lot of changes, I really like the way it came together.

Another thing about this quilt is that it was made on two different machines.  I inherited my grandmother's sewing machine about 8 years ago when she moved in with my parents.  It was a White brand machine.  I am not positive what year it is from, but ebay lists it as "vintage".  I don't think it's that old, but after 8 years, and tons of time put in, I decided that it was time for an upgrade.  So, in the middle of making this quilt, I got a new Janome Memory Craft 6600p.  It's AMAZING.  I did all of the applique on the White machine and I did all of the quilting and binding on my Janome.  What a change.  I can't believe how the Janome sews.  It is smooth.

The finished product is 22.5" x 22.5"
The back is pieced together using strips of the same colors.

Thanks for another fun challenge!

2015 Pantone Quilt Challenge: Marsala


  1. I love it! This turned out amazing Christine and your pictures rock too! :)

  2. Congratulations on your new machine and a great quilt finish!

  3. Congratulations on your new machine AND on a beautiful quilt! I am familiar with that embroidery design and it's great fun to see it re-interpreted as a quilt! Beautiful choices of colors as well.

  4. Is there a pattern available? Or instructions?